miðvikudagur, 2. september 2009

mistery solved !

í vinstri hendinni er ég ekki með þessa týpísku hjartalínu og hina línuna sem ég man nú ekki hvað heitir... neibb. ég er með eina línu sem liggur þvert yfir. Oft hef ég spáð í hvaða fötlun þetta sé nú og lærði þetta loksins í gær.

þetta heitir SIMIAN LINE  ! jabb... í alvöru, þetta heitir eitthvað. 

skv Wikipedia er þetta

"The presence of a single transverse palmar crease can be, but is not always, a symptom associated with abnormal medical conditions, such as Fetal alcohol syndrome, or with genetic chromosomal abnormalities, including Down syndrome (chromosome 21), cri du chat syndrome (chromosome 5),Noonan syndrome (chromosome 12), Patau syndrome (chromosome 13), Edward's syndrome (chromosome 18), and Aarskog-Scott syndrome (X-linked recessive). Bilateral or unilateral single palmar creases are also associated with aberrations on chromosome 9[4]. Also sometimes found on hand of affected side of patients with Poland Syndrome.

Males are twice as likely as females to have this condition, and it tends to run in families. In its non-symptomatic form, it is more common among Asians and native Americans than among other populations, and in some families there is a tendency to inherit the condition unilaterally, that is, on one hand only."

Aðallega er þetta tengt við Down's. Já, ég hef nú oft verið talin mongólítaleg ! :) En ég veit nú ekki um neina litningagalla í mér . . . væri nú gaman að fara að fara að komast að því svona mjög bráðlega ef svo er :) 

lófalesturinn fyrir simian line er líka skemmtilegur

"The simian line may be visualized as an agent responsible for sudden and radical adjustments in an individual’s attitudes, behavior, lifestyle, values, goals, ambitions, and, indeed, identity. Similarly, these radical adjustments may become manifest as new careers in areas these people may never before have considered. The individual, in this instance, may renounce a sound, secure, and long-standing career to devote himself, or herself, to a lifestyle which may be virtually a planet apart from anything hitherto associated with this person. Leaving everything familiar behind them these people may have felt compelled to fit themselves into their new skins, as it were. It is nothing which must necessarily respond to reason or logic inasmuch as this person would invariably attempt, and with much seeming conviction, to prove otherwise. As noted earlier, however, these dramatic developments do not always transpire. They would best be regarded as the exception rather than the rule... as a possibility and not as an inevitable expression of the simian line. Again, it is the “pressure” manifest as chronic, if low-keyed, unrest and general psychical discomfort which would best be the focus of the therapist’s attentions."


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  1. Nafnlaus12:04 f.h.

    fetal alcohol+down´s. þarf ekki frekari skýringar við. knew it all the time...


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